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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Korean Cosmetics Suspected of Asbestos Contamination


Korean news sources are reporting that many Korean manufacturers of cosmetics and baby powder may have been contaminated with deadly asbestos.

The Korean Food and Drug Administration will ban the sale of cosmetics suspected of containing talc that has been contaminated by asbestos.

Over 300 cosmetics companies, drug manufacturers, and baby powder companies purchased the tainted talc from Duksan Reagents, which imports more than 20 percent of Korea’s talc.

The director of the Korean Food and Drug Administration has stated that a sales ban will be put in place on all products suspected of contamination as soon as a full list of these companies is compiled and confirmed.A sales ban on drugs suspected of asbestos contamination will be implemented after additional reviews have been conducted.

Talc is used in baby powder, powdered cosmetics such as foundation, and in the manufacturing of medicine to prevent the pills from sticking to each other.

Talc accounts for 70-90 percent of baby powder and 40-50 percent in face powder. The amount of talc found in drugs is under one percent of the weight of a single pill.

Talc is also used in food, such as to prevent chewing gum or candies from sticking to a wrapper. So far, Korean officials have not found any evidence to link the tainted talc to the talc used in the food industry.

While some companies are conducting voluntary recalls of their products, other Korean companies are refusing to accept responsibility. Asbestos exposure is linked to mesothelioma, a cancer that can affect the lining of the lungs, abdomen, and heart.

The Korea Federation for Environmental Movement plans to conduct a consumer damage survey, mobilize plaintiffs, and sue for mental damage against various manufacturers.


I found this news article while searching for reviews about different Blemish Balm creams, or more popularly known as BB Cream. BB cream is a very popular cosmetic in Asia and as far as I know, it started in Korea. Girls are raving about it and I am dying to try it out one of these days. However, when I saw this article, I think we, as consumers, should be careful in choosing which brands to buy. Also, it is very important that the quality of the product shouldn't be compromised regardless of its price.

I'll be posting about BB creams soon. :)

Monday, April 27, 2009

How to Exchange Links With Me. :)

You are free to leave your links here on my site so that I could visit your site more often. Plus, I could help you promote your site. I would really appreciate it if you put my link ( on your blogs, too. Let's help each other.

Smile everyday. :)

White Casts on Pictures!


Imagine this.

You and your friends were on a beach, enjoying the heat of the sun. Of course, as usual, you put on your favorite Sunblock. Then you and your friends started taking pictures of each other. To your surprise, you can't recognize yourself. Was it a geisha? Or a ghost? Yes. It was you. Your face was so white that you look like sacks of flour were just thrown at you.

How about this.

You went into a ball with your date. You look so dazzling. But when you saw your pictures, your face is much much much whiter than your neck. So disappointing, right?

Sounds familiar?

Of course.

As much as possible, do not wear make-ups that contain SPF when you are going to have your pictures taken. Cosmetics like make-ups with SPF, Sunblocks, and the like contain titanium oxide making your skin too light reflective, thus producing the white casts in your photos.

So, keep this tip in mind and have your pictures taken with your natural look. Memories are better shared with great pictures, right? :)

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Summer fun!

Yes, here in the Philippines, everybody is enjoying the heat of summer. Summer spells beaches and beaches mean swim wears!

I love swim wears. If only I have lots of time for beach hoping, I'd probably have lots of reasons to buy swim suits. But since I'm in Med School, I just can't stop but be jealous of those who can go to the beach whenever they want. And since I love swim suits and I'm into online shopping lately, I stumbled upon this website which made my heart jump for joy.

Soak Swimwear ( has been the best swim wear shop I've ever seen in terms of style. They've got loads of it and the best part is, you can never bump into someone in a beach with the same style as the one you are wearing. Their styles are unique and comes in limited stocks only. Plus, they have nice collections of cover-ups and robes, too!

Here are the sample pictures of their gorgeous swim wear collections. Visit their site, I swear they have nice designs. A lot of girls are raving about it. As much as I want to post my own picture wearing one of their designs, I think I'll pass. I'm the shy-type. :)