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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Contour Your Face with Clarins' Latest Serum?

Contour Your Face with Clarins' Latest Serum?
Clarins’ new Shaping Facial Lift Lipo-drain serum claims to eliminate fat, drain puffiness, and define facial contours. By Stephanie Castillo

Chubby cheeks? Puffy under-eyes? Double chin? Not to worry, most Asian women have them, too—that is, according to Clarins Regional Trainer Jason Au. During a recent visit to Manila on behalf of Clarins, Jason shared a few facial facts: for instance, all women have the same amount of fatty pockets on our faces—six under the eyes and five around the cheeks—but if you hail from the Orient, yours are simply more obvious.

The fatty pockets of Asian women are more defined than Caucasians’,” Jason explained. “But this is good, because when you age, the fatty pockets will support the skin and keep it looking young.”

Still, many women continue to be self-conscious of their round, plump faces—whether they result from too much water retention, lack of sleep, or just genes. And it doesn’t help that most of the It-girls on film and television are blessed with the beautiful V-contour—the face shape with high cheekbones, small cheeks, and a sharp little chin. (Jason used A-list Pinay actress Angel Locsin as his example).

To address this burgeoning beauty issue, Clarins has just released its newly formulated Shaping Facial Lift Lipo-drain serum (SFL), which promises to melt away fat, get rid of excess puffiness, and contour heavy facial features. Especially created for Asian women, this miracle serum is said to be proven to significantly reduce facial plumpness in a matter of 4 weeks—clinical evaluation by Clarins revealed a 15.9 percent reduction all over the face, and 14.7 percent under the chin alone.

The new formula also works three times faster, thanks to new additions of blue button flower (which targets fat cells), horse chestnut (which drains excess fluid), and baccharin (which is the primary contouring agent).

Essentially, the product claims to eliminate all the toxins, fat, and fluid retained by the face that cause puffiness or roundness—clearing your skin of all its excess baggage. Jason even shared, “[At Clarins], we think of SFL as your skin’s sewage cleaner."

Here is a step-by-step guide on applying it, to achieve the skin you've always wanted. :)

To use: Squeeze a dollop or two of the product into your palm, then warm it in your hands by rubbing them together.

Step 1 (Front): Place your forehead in your palms, gently massage to smooth the appearance of lines.

Step 2 (Eyes): Place the heel of your palms completely over the eyes to smooth puffiness and minimize dark circles.
Step 3 (Cheeks): Move your hands to the cheeks on either side of your nose. This helps release excess fluid and reduce puffiness.
Step 4 (Chin and Jawline): Rest the chin on your palms with wrists touching.

Step 5 (Base of Neck and Ears): Apply pressure with the full weight of the head to help enhance drainage and refine facial contours.