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Monday, April 27, 2009

How to Exchange Links With Me. :)

You are free to leave your links here on my site so that I could visit your site more often. Plus, I could help you promote your site. I would really appreciate it if you put my link ( on your blogs, too. Let's help each other.

Smile everyday. :)


the beauty writer said...

Hi! I've been following your bog for a few weeks. Na-inspire ako to create my own beauty blog! Thanks!

Frenchy said...

Hindi kaya dumugin ka ng spammers dito? :)

I left my link by the way and i'll be adding you blog to my Links page. Such a useful tips you have here.

Mohan Rajoriya said...

Hi..nice blog you have
i am a IT Professional


BlackBerry said...

I've added ur link, too. You are most welcome to visit me. I'll visit you back. Hot Kiss for you :) Thx.

doctor in pink said...

Hi! Thanks for the visit my friends. :)

@ the beauty writer: thank your for following my blog. Good luck on yours. :) I'll be reading your posts. :)

@ Frenchy: hopefully hindi naman. I can delete naman a link when I think it's a spam na. :) Have a nice day! You have a nice blog. :)

@Mohan Rajoriya: Thank you! Good luck on your blog. :)

@ Blackberry: thank you for always dropping by.

Marianne said...

Great blog!!!!

Marianne said...

I added you link at my blog

Rose said...

Added your link on my blog.

Add Topic said...

Thanks on your approval!

Kindly add my blogs.

Add Topic™E-PeraTell me if you've done adding them. I'll add you on both of them once your done.

Gi-Ann said...

i would sure love for x-links..

hope u cud visit mine..

complicated girl said...

wow, and you're a doctor...i like your blog site...add me up and i'll add you too...let me know..keep posting!

MalDeeTuh said...

exchange links request here...i love your posts..let me know..visit back..thankies! =)

josie said...

I will add you to my blogroll, for xlink

Beth said...

Greetings from Four Seasons Creative Ventures, Inc.
We would like to know if you can add to your list of events our upcoming Bazaar this coming July at The Bellevue Hotel.
Thank you.

ness said...

I've been a reader of your blog even before I started mine.

Please visit back :)

For thoughts:

For beadworks:

PostGirl said...

hy there, i've added ur link to my blog,. check

ps: nice blog u hve.. :) I'll be back soon to read ur post.. ;) see yaa

Shinobi Blog said...

smile back 4u... :)