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Monday, April 27, 2009

White Casts on Pictures!


Imagine this.

You and your friends were on a beach, enjoying the heat of the sun. Of course, as usual, you put on your favorite Sunblock. Then you and your friends started taking pictures of each other. To your surprise, you can't recognize yourself. Was it a geisha? Or a ghost? Yes. It was you. Your face was so white that you look like sacks of flour were just thrown at you.

How about this.

You went into a ball with your date. You look so dazzling. But when you saw your pictures, your face is much much much whiter than your neck. So disappointing, right?

Sounds familiar?

Of course.

As much as possible, do not wear make-ups that contain SPF when you are going to have your pictures taken. Cosmetics like make-ups with SPF, Sunblocks, and the like contain titanium oxide making your skin too light reflective, thus producing the white casts in your photos.

So, keep this tip in mind and have your pictures taken with your natural look. Memories are better shared with great pictures, right? :)


peenkfrik said...

Hey this is weird. I've always used sunscreen on the beach or even everyday and never had a geisha experience. Probably need enough time to let the sunscreen dry on the skin....

doctor in pink said...

@ peenfrik: hi! thanks for visiting. Anyway, maybe you have been using a good product. What sunscreen you have been using?

doctor in pink said...

@ peenfrik: and yeah, i forgot to emphasize that most of the time it's the make-up (eg. moisturizers, foundations) which has spf on it that are the culprits. Especially when you have your pictures taken indoors and with flash. :)