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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Summer fun!

Yes, here in the Philippines, everybody is enjoying the heat of summer. Summer spells beaches and beaches mean swim wears!

I love swim wears. If only I have lots of time for beach hoping, I'd probably have lots of reasons to buy swim suits. But since I'm in Med School, I just can't stop but be jealous of those who can go to the beach whenever they want. And since I love swim suits and I'm into online shopping lately, I stumbled upon this website which made my heart jump for joy.

Soak Swimwear ( has been the best swim wear shop I've ever seen in terms of style. They've got loads of it and the best part is, you can never bump into someone in a beach with the same style as the one you are wearing. Their styles are unique and comes in limited stocks only. Plus, they have nice collections of cover-ups and robes, too!

Here are the sample pictures of their gorgeous swim wear collections. Visit their site, I swear they have nice designs. A lot of girls are raving about it. As much as I want to post my own picture wearing one of their designs, I think I'll pass. I'm the shy-type. :)


Mak said...

very nicely done. :)its a good read. :)

RonCavitenio said...

Nice review. How I love beaches!!

Nina said...

those are some really cute bathing suites. i would totaly love one!