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Friday, May 22, 2009

Diamond Peel

Okay. Tret has been doing an excellent job on my skin. However, I am still not satisfied. I missed having my skin diamond peeled! It has been more or less one year since my last diamond peel session and I sooo love the results!

According to Godiva Skin Station Philippines:

Diamond Peel is a safe, easy and painless way to refine the texture and color of your skin, improve causes of mild acne, mild to moderate sun damage, early fine lines, skin discolorations & scars, and oily skin. It stimulates blood flow to the surface of the skin, which increases oxygenation and stimulates cell turnover and renewal. It is commonly done on the face, underarms, and the back.

The Diamond Peel is safer, less extreme and has zero downtime compared to chemical peels. There is absolutely no pain during the 30-minute procedure and most beneficial when done every two weeks or so.
  • increased firmness

  • more even skin tone

  • minimized pores

  • reduced pigment marks and scars

  • minimized appearance of stretch marks

As far as I can remember, every diamond peel session with my dermatologist starts by having my face cleansed first. She put on some creams and a facial mask, and was rinsed using a moist sponge. Then she turned on the machine beside us (now, the diamond peeling is about to start), and a wand touched my face. She said that this wand has a disposable tip encrusted with diamonds that will encourage exfoliation. The wand will also act as a vacuum, sucking out the impurities, dead skin cells, whiteheads and blackheads from your skin. It wasn't really painful. It just feels like you are being pinched a lot of times. My face was red after and when I touched it, it was like I can feel the diamond powders on my face. My derma told me not to wash my face when I get home. It should be free of other chemicals and water for at least 24 hours.

The following day, I noticed the difference on my skin. I looked like I am not stressed at all, then my skin felt so soft and smooth just like a baby. My pores were less visible and my skin was free from whiteheads and blackheads! But the downside here is that you have to have this diamond peel every 2-3 weeks to maintain the result since our skin turnover occurs every 28 days.

I miss diamond peel! I miss how my skin looks every after session! Might as well have it before school starts!

Ciao! :)


puadi said...

wew nice girl... thanks for visiting me blog... i give u $mile... muach

Dorothy L said...

I have to say that you do no look old enough to worry about your skin just yet. Especially to have peels done. Yikes...I do hope that this post is for advertising purposes only.

By the way you have a very lovely blog.
I saw your link on Blackberry's post.
Have a very nice day!

doctor in pink said...

@ Dorothy L:

thanks for the nice words. No, that wasn't for advertising purposes. I really have my diamond peel session once in a while. I believe that prevention is better than cure and since I am already in my mid-20's, I think this is the best time to start taking care of my skin since by this age, the cell turnover of the skin starts to slow down and the skin is less moisturized. I don't want to look 60 by the time I turn 50. And yeah, I'm quite vain about my skin. hehe!

doctor in pink said...

@ puadi: thanks! :)

Tina Perez said...

Try using Dove. I haven't been using any other products since I discovered how mild and cleansing this is. :)

Anonymous said...

Hello! Can you do diamond peeling if you're using amira magic cream on your underarms? :)