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Sunday, May 10, 2009

This Place called Divi

At times like these, it is very necessary to practice being thrifty. Especially now that we are experiencing global crisis, it won't hurt if we try to be a wise consumer as much as possible.

As a girl, it is not my fault that I love shopping to death. But, every girl should know that shopping shouldn't be expensive. A wise shopper knows his/her boundaries and of course knows where he/she can get the cheapest bargains without compromising the quality.

And speaking of being a wise shopper, there is this place which is a haven for bargain-hunters out there. This place is called Divisoria, Divi for short.

Divisoria is just one of the popular shopping destination for those wise shoppers in Manila, Philippines. Why? Because you can practically find anything here! Kitchen stuffs, decorations, car accessories, latest fashion, shoes, gadgets, school/office supplies, corporate give-aways, giift items, baptismal/wedding/debut souvenirs... they are all here! Name it, Divi got it. You just have to be patient though. Since this is a place for bargain-hunters, this place can be quite crowded, especially during Christmas season. Prices are generally wholesale, and you can haggle to the last peso. Yes, if you want to have a good deal, you must use your charm and smile.

Tutuban, 168 Mall and Divisoria Mall are just some of the malls you can go to when you are in Divisoria. I like Tutuban better because it is more bigger, thus more stalls to choose from. It is airconditioned, and since it is bigger, it is less crowded than 168 and Divisoria Mall. However, if you are new to Manila, I advise you to have at least someone you know who can guide you because aside from the possibility of getting lost or finding the place too confounding, you would not be able to strike as good a deal with stall owners, because as they say "Divi experts" are experts when it comes to haggling and searching for the best yet affordable buys. *winks!* And oh, bring cash and small bills. Stalls in Divisoria don't accept credit cards. (Thanks to for the Tutuban and 168 Malls photos!)

Just last week, I went to Tutuban (cause the place is just two rides from my house) to eat at Icebergs (inside Tutuban Main Mall, 2nd floor) because I was craving for halo-halo and banana split. While I was on my way to Icebergs, I saw some stalls selling some racerback sandos, with lots of different colors to choose from. And do you have any idea how much they are selling those? Each racerback costs P50 or USD 1 only. Don't be shocked, you read that right. So, I bought four pieces for P200. And had my halo-halo at Icebergs. I went home, and the first thing I did was to try the racerbacks on. They fit me perfectly! I love it!

Here is the casual dress I wore the other day, which I also bought at Tutuban for only P350 or USD7.5. Quite a catch right? (I'm sorry the picture quality isn't good. I only used my mobile phone.)

Here is a typical scene inside Tutuban Mall (thanks for the picture):

Here's the map:

So, who says a fashionista have to have only branded clothes and shoes? A fashionista, no matter what she wears, can pull it off. So, have a visit at Divisoria, and shop till you drop! :)

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