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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

2009 Hairstyles: What's in and What's out?

I have always been a fan of hair make-over. I've had my hair rebonded, permanently curld, colored... aaghh... all for the sake of "new look." Luckily, my hair has not dissapointed me yet. Thanks to hair treatments!

This year, hairstyle trends are hotter than ever ranging from short and sexy to long and curly. We all know that since 1-2 years ago, celebrities and even common girls have been sporting bangs. From side swept bangs to full bangs. Based on the fashion forecast, bangs are still one of the top hairstyles that's gonna rock 2009.

Expect extremes hairstyles this 2009. From extermely short to extremely long. From extremely girl-next-door-ish to extremely sexual. But always remember to choose the hairstyle that suits your face shape and personality. One more thing, the key to a jaw-dropping look is C-O-N-F-I-D-E-N-C-E!

Agyness Deyn's short fringed bob. Personally, I don't think I can pull this off. Only women with confidence can look great with this. :)

This hairstyle is definitely wash-and-wear. However, it would probably look more playful if she applied some mousse. :)

This one I lurve! I'm used seeing Hayden Panattiere in her curly layered long locks in the TV series Heroes. She is definitely beautiful, but seeing her in this hairstyle? Wow. Long or short, curly or straight, she is really lovely. And oh, I love her one-shouldered top. :)

The long and flowy hair is still hot. :) I love long hair. It can definitely complement any face shape, any personality plus you can style your hair whatever you want depending on your mood.

The sleek and straight is still in of course. Make sure your hair is healthy and shiny or else your hair would look like a disaster.

The mermaid look. They also call this as the 1940's waves. Very sophisticated. :)

By the way readers who I love wholeheartedly, since I love you, I found this website where you can have your make-over... virtually. :)

Thanks for the photos. :)


Anonymous said...

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Marianne said...

I love Hayden Panattiere's hairstyle.

Golden said...

Hayden Panattiere's hairstyle looks refreshing..

gleenn said...

it feels comfortable wearing short hair becuase it needs less time to do especially in the shower :) but after two years of short hair just had to go back to long length because hubby just want them to.

nice collections on here :)

Dorothy L said...

I have had hair short and hair bobbed.
I think the bobbed look is so much more fum and sexy:)

twinsouls888 said...

I also love Hayden's hairstyle & her makeup in this picture. The makeup complements the hair, perfect combination ^_^.

OHMYGUMS said...

I've always have long wavy hair and I like it :)

OHMYGUMS said...

I always have long wavy hair, hmmm..I'm not sure when but I'll have short hair one day..pag malakas na loob ko :)

bunchcup said...

Same here. Hayden Panattiere's hair style is really awesome! I've seen several ladies wearing the same hairstyle and I really envy them! Too bad, I got round-shaped face, not ideal for such a cutie hair cut..

Sugar Strip Ease Fan said...

I have long hair. I cut it short before but I was not getting a good feedback. My hair is crazy back then too. So even if short is 'in'. I will rather have mine long.