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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Copper Peptide Serum

I started using copper peptide serum when my dermatologist prescribed me this after my first diamond peel / microdermabrasion session.

Skin Aging

A number of skin changes occur as we age. Skin is replaced every three weeks at age 20 but this increases to every nine weeks by age 50, so in return, the rate of skin cell replacement is reduced producing a thinner, more fragile skin.

Damaged proteins, which are the results of scars, oxidative damage, sun damage and cross-linking of skin proteins by sugars, accumulates in the skin.

Skin oil production starts to drop after age 25 and this drop in oil production becomes more serious after age 45. This reduces acne, however, the skin loses its natural moisturizers making the skin dryer and more prone to wrinkles.

Skin Remodeling Copper Peptides

The process that removes proteins and older cells from the skin is called skin remodeling. It removes scars, lesions, and wrinkles and smoothens the skin. If you want a younger skin. skin remodeling should be increased. Copper peptide serum, a water-based lipid free copper peptide, is said to have tissue regenerative properties. It stimulates collagen and elastin formation. As a result, fine lines are diminished and the skin is firmer. It also helps increasing the blood vessel formation and oxygenation within the skin. Copper peptide serum is also a potent antioxidant by stimulating the enzymatic function of superoxide dismutase.
CP serum is very known to speed up skin healing by:
  • stimulating the skin's remodeling and regenerative processes which repair the skin's protective outer barrier
  • increasing new capillary formation
  • increasing the production of collagen and elastin which improve skin elasticity and firmness
  • increasing the water-holding proteoglycans and glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) which hold moisture in the skin.
  • removing damaged proteins such as in scars and sun-damaged marks by activating the metalloproteinases.
According to studies, CP serum is more effective than Retin-A, Vitamin C and Kinerase when it comes to reducting wrinkles, reducing blotchiness of the skin, firming the skin and in the development of new collagen.

My dermatologist instructed me that I should use the CP serum for 5 days after each microdermabrasion session. She told me that CP serum increases skin healing after laser resurfacing and chemical peels.
Copper-peptide serum is actually one of my favorites in my beauty regimen. Personally, I noticed that my skin has become softer and glowing ever since I started using this product. And also, CP serum is safe to use even by those with sensitive skin (since it has a mild ph of 6.0). However, if there is one thing I don't like about CP serum is its smell and its color. But all in all, this product is a must-have for every woman's regimen.

For more information about the mechanism of copper-peptide serum, click here.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi. I'd like to ask the following:
1. Where you bought the serum.
2. How much it was.
3. How many mLs it was.
4. The brand name of the serum.

Thank you so much.